Dead by Daylight Creators Are "Thinking of Other Projects," Have No Current Sequel Plans

Continued interest in Dead by Daylight over the years has given developer Behaviour Interactive the opportunity to expand the game considerably. Original and licensed DLC releases mean innovative characters like The Huntress can patrol Realms like Nightmare on Elm Street's Springwood, and with a new Chapter coming soon, it's evident the developer has no plans to slow the content down. Amid that support for Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive is also exploring some ideas for other projects to work on, but those ideas don’t currently include plans for a sequel. spoke to Dead by Daylight game director Mathieu Côté about some of Behaviour Interactive’s plans for the game’s future and inquired about other projects the developer might be working on. Côté said the developer doesn’t specifically have “another project" but rather has some ideas people in the studio are “kicking around.”

Dead by Daylight has given us the freedom, if you will, of being able to at least take a few more chances and create new IPs and create new games,” Côté said. “Yes, there are some people currently working at Behaviour that are thinking of other projects. What stage they're at and what shape they're in is something that we're not talking about right now, but we do have ideas.”

Despite not being able to share specifics on the projects, Côté did offer some insights into what might be a unifying factor between these future experiences. When asked if it made sense for Behaviour to stay in the horror genre given the reputation it’s built up by now, Côté said it was the “unusual multiplayer” experience of Dead by Daylight, not the horror element, that the developer identified with most.

“I think that it is an interesting niche to be in, and it's true that in this little pond, we are a very, very big fish, but I think that the thing that really we identify with the most is the unusual multiplayer,” Côté said. “I think that that's probably the one aspect that is going to be a common thread between the different experiences, without going into too much detail. I think that we like making games that are experiences that you can share with people, and we want to make games that have not been seen before.”

Two things are certain regardless of what projects Behaviour has planned for the future: Support for Dead by Daylight isn’t ending, and there aren’t any current plans for a Dead by Daylight 2 or a similar sequel. When asked if a sequel to the game even made sense considering how much new content Behaviour has added and still has on the way, Côté said that, too, is a question the team asks itself frequently. He said there are around 800,000 to 900,000 people playing Dead by Daylight each day and said the conclusion is always that it’d make no sense to split people between the original and a hypothetical sequel.

“It makes no sense to come up with a new game and tell these people, ‘Well, you can choose now. You either play Dead by Daylight or you play Dead by Daylight 2,’” he said. “I don't think we stand to gain that much from creating a brand new game. The worst part is we'd have to stop working on Dead by Daylight, and that is not acceptable at this point.”

Côté presented another way of looking at the concept of a Dead by Daylight sequel. Thanks to things like Behaviour’s Realm Beyond initiative that’s leading to entire Realms being update over time, he said Dead by Daylight effectively is Dead by Daylight 2 at this point.


“The graphic update is a great answer to that question. It says Dead by Daylight is Dead by Daylight 2. That's our Dead by Daylight 2,” Côté said. “We put a team to upgrade the current game instead of putting a game, developing the next one.”

Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter, A Binding of Kin, is releasing soon to add a new Killer and Survivor to the game. Players can also expect continued previews of the Realm Beyond work to see what their favorite Realms will look like when updated.