Dead by Daylight Is Reworking One of Its Best Features

Mori killsMori kills in Dead by Daylight stand as one of the game's more rewarding, stylish moments where a Killer goes full Killer and offs a Survivor with a signature move, but they're seldom seen in matches compared to just how many matches actually get played. They require Offerings from the Killer prior to the match and even then can only be performed under certain circumstances afterwards, so despite their cinematic flair, there are numerous roadblocks to actually seeing them in-game. Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive are fixing that by making it so that a mori plays out at the end of every match.

The mori update was revealed this week during Dead by Daylight's Anniversary event where we learned about a new Resident Evil Chapter, an Attack on Titan crossover, and a strange, strange dating sim set in the Dead by Daylight universe. For those who didn't catch the presentation, Behaviour shared a post on the game's site covering the relevant details.

"As soon as the final living Survivor standing is put into the dying state, the game ends," Behaviour said. "Following a visual transition, that Survivor and the Killer are brought to a special location in the environment and the Mori Finisher begins. No longer will your mori moment be "censored" by inconveniently placed objects or invasive bushes. All attention will be placed entirely on the action taking place."

Aside from simply allowing Killer players to show off their mori kills more often, this change addresses a number of issues, or at least inconveniences, voiced by Dead by Daylight players over the years. The end of a match can sometimes be anticlimactic if the final Survivor gets downed simply because everyone knows how it's going to end and just has to wait for the sacrifice to be completed. Mori kills are sometimes obfuscated by environmental obstacles, too, which means that even if you go through all the trouble to pull off a mori kill, you won't get to properly see it.

This updated feature is planned to be released later this year, but what's to come of the mori Offerings now that they'll no longer be necessary for a mori kill?

"As this new system will normalize a mori as a standard part of the trial, we'll be making changes to the current Memento Mori offerings – keep an eye out for further details closer to release," Behaviour said. "While the aim is to see this system implemented by Halloween 2022, please note that this date is tentative and subject to change."

Dead by Daylight's mori update should tentatively release around Halloween 2022.