Dead by Daylight Announces New Chains of Hate Chapter

Behaviour Interactive announced on Tuesday its plans for the game’s next Chapter called “Chains of Hate.” With this Chapter comes another new Killer, Survivor, and map that build on the teaser we saw earlier in the week. The Killer’s name is “The Deathslinger” while the Survivor is named “Zarina Kassir,” and players across all platforms will soon be able to take control of each of them on the new Dead Dawg Saloon map if they choose to pick up the new Chapter. For those who have access to the game’s test servers, you can try the content now as it’s already been released on the PTB.

As many expected from the sinister teaser released recently that showed a chain being dragged across the ground before being pulled taut, The Deathslinger will incorporate chains into his unique power he uses against Survivors. He’s described as an engineer who wields a speargun used to “reel in his victims.” The speargun itself is a sort of rifle that shoots out a harpoon attached to a chain, an explanation which makes sense of the teaser. Like other recent Killers, he’s also got his own unique Hex perk that’s described as “powerful” and “destructive.”

On the other side of the asymmetrical game is a Survivor named Zarina Kassir, “a daring filmmaker with a knack for staying quiet and manipulating sound.” Some of Zarina’s perks were teased in a press release about the Chains of Hate Chapter and already sound like they’ll be valuable options for any Survivor. One of her perks allows her to instantly heal Survivors from either dying to injured or injured to healthy so long as she’s full on health, an ability which sounds exceptionally useful for people who want to play more supportive characters and combine it with other perks like Borrowed Time.

The new Dead Dawg Saloon map the Killer comes from follows the Wild West theme established by The Deathslinger. As Behaviour Interactive mentioned previously in its February developer update, this map will be the first of its kind to include breakable walls that only the Killers will be able to interact with.

Dead by Daylight’s Chains of Hate Chapter is scheduled to release on March 10th. Players will be able to pick it up from their respective platforms’ stores for $7.99.

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