Dead by Daylight Gives Players a New Way to Acquire Skins

Dead by Daylight players who've been eyeing the game's selection of skins but have never wanted to pay real money for them will soon have a new way to acquire cosmetics. Behaviour Interactive announced this week that select skins within the in-game shop will at some point be available for Iridescent Shards, a currency which is one of several players have access to when it comes to expenses. The catch here is that these Iridescent Shard prices will only be applicable to non-licensed outfits.

The Dead by Daylight developer confirmed this exciting cosmetic update this week in a series of tweets outlining how and when all of this will happen. As of this week, Behaviour Interactive has begun assigning Iridescent Shard prices to outfits which could only be purchased with Auric Cells previously. Auric Cells, for those less familiar with the game's currencies, are the premium resource purchased with real money.

This addition of Iridescent Shard prices on non-licensed skins started with cosmetics for the original Survivors: Dwight, Meg, Jake, and Claudette. The plan moving forward that was outlined in the Twitter thread (seen below) is to first release new cosmetics for purchase via Auric Cells with an Iridescent Shard price assigned to them around a month afterwards.

"We are gradually adding Iridescent Shards prices to ALL non-licensed outfits, both existing and future," Behaviour Interactive said. "Starting today, we'll begin adding Shard prices to outfits previously only available with Auric Cells. This will be done in batches of a few characters at a time, starting with the original Survivors: Dwight, Claudette, Jake, and Meg. Going forward, new non-licensed outfits will release with their usual Auric Cell price, receiving an Iridescent Shard option 4 weeks following their debut. If you have Iridescent Shards burning a hole in your pocket, we hope you'll find no shortage of outfits to spend them on!"

These Iridescent Shards are acquired via earning experience and leveling up your account level, so if you've been playing for a while, you've probably got quite a few to spend. They're also usable on perks found in the Shrine of Secrets, so if you've been looking at getting a new skin, perhaps hold off on buying some new perks for the time being.