Dead by Daylight Trailer Reveals Chapter 18 Killer, Survivor

A new Dead by Daylight teaser trailer released this week has revealed our first look at Chapter 18’s newest Killer and Survivor, and from the looks of it, the Chapter will have one of the most twisted concepts for a Killer yet. The short, one-minute trailer revealed on Tuesday for Chapter called A Binding of Kin showed a Killer that’s actually a two-in-one combo known as “The Twins” and hinted at what the Killer might be capable of while giving a first look at the new Survivor, Élodie Rakoto.

Killers are typically the highlights of new Chapters whether you’re a Survivor or Killer main yourself, and it looks like it’ll be no different in Chapter 18. The brief glimpse of The Twins we’ve seen in the teaser trailer below shows an absolutely grotesque and horrific concept consisting of a child-sized, human-like creature named Victor Deshayes who’s accompanied by another human companion named Charlotte Deshayes that’s the size of your average Killer. While Élodie Rakoto looks on in hiding, the smaller half of The Twins mauls David King before the larger character finishes the job with a sickle.

The worst part of it all comes at the end when we see how these two parts of The Twins connect. Victor’s rejoin with his family member by climbing into a gash on Charlotte’s chest so that his head and half his body protrude alongside her.

We don’t yet know what the Killer or Survivor’s perks will be, but the brief tease in the trailer gives an idea of how The Twins’ power may work. The two will obviously be able to separate in some capacity to hunt Survivors, but how that’ll work and how players will control the character remains to be seen. If the preview in the trailer wasn't enough, Behaviour Interactive shared a close-up of the symbiotic relationship between The Twins.

For the lore buffs, a preview of the Chapter provided by the developer shares more on the characters’ backstories.


A Binding of Kin is the next Chapter in Dead by Daylight,” Behaviour Interactive said about the new content. “The Twins - Charlotte and Victor Deshayes - formed an emotional bond like none other. After a life of hardship and suffering, The Entity has twisted their love for one another into something truly terrifying. The new Survivor is Élodie Rakoto. Cunning, smart, and resolute, Élodie spent her life trying to uncover the mystery of her parents’ disappearance. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, she turned to the occult to find the answers she was looking for.”

Expect to see more on the Dead by Daylight Chapter from Behaviour Interactive soon.