'Dead Or Alive 6' Gets Release Date, New Trailer

Ever since its reintroduction back to the fighting scene earlier this year, Dead Or Alive 6 has been turning quite a few heads. Rather than focusing on the over-the-top jiggle physics and outfits, this one seems more grounded in its combo-based combat and sharper presentation. And soon, we'll be able to check this game out for themselves.

During Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show event earlier this morning, Koei Tecmo revealed a new trailer for Dead Or Alive 6, which also confirmed its release date -- February 15, 2019. That gives us a few months until we can get back into the fighting antics of this series, and see what it's all about.

The trailer provides a few hints at the story mode that will be included within the game, including the return of several characters (like Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Zack and several others), as well as the debut of Diego, a newcomer to the franchise.

On top of that, the fighting looks to be crazier than ever before. Along with being able to deliver huge combos and throw moves on your opponent, elements within the environment come into play as well. For instance, an octopus can grab an opponent with its tentacle and slam them into the ground, from what we've seen in the trailer thus far. For that matter, pterodactyls and a giant T-Rex also look to be involved in the mix; and we swear, one of the stages looks like it takes place in a water park, as one of the fighters looks ready to land on a water slide after falling off a cliff, following a quick knockout.

We've only seen brief glimpses of the game thus far, but it's definitely shaping up to be the most interesting Dead Or Alive yet. More than likely, Koei Tecmo will have the game on hand during Tokyo Game Show next week, where attendees can check it out and give its fighting tactics a try, including a super move system where you can land multiple blows before finishing off your opponent with one final devastating strike.


We'll keep you informed as Dead Or Alive 6 moves along in development to its early 2019 release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.