Dead Space Remake Gameplay Reveal Coming Very Soon

The first look at some polished Dead Space remake gameplay is coming very soon. Dead Space is a pretty seminal piece of horror in the video game medium. It took the ideas of games like Resident Evil and launched them into space, creating some of the most unnerving and disgusting atmospheres seen in gaming at that time. As a new horror IP, it quickly became a massive success and one of EA's most prominent franchises during that time. Dead Space 2 was arguably even better as it expanded the scale of the game and added even scarier moments, such as the infamous eye sequence. Dead Space 3 wasn't received as highly as the others, but many still enjoyed it, especially with the addition of co-op.

After nearly a decade since Dead Space 3, EA is bringing the series back with a remake of the first game. Fans have been waiting for this game for quite some time and although there have been plenty of updates throughout the game's development, including in-development footage, no one has seen gameplay of what the final game is expected to look like. Thankfully, a new piece of viral marketing has confirmed that the Dead Space remake gameplay reveal is coming on October 4th. It's unclear how extensive this reveal will be, but it will give us our first true look at the version we will be playing when it releases in January. So far, everything EA Motive has said about the game has suggested that it will be very faithful to the original, so expect something in line with the original game.

With that said, it will still feature all kinds of changes and upgrades. The developer has confirmed that the Dead Space remake will feature moments and characters that weren't in the original game. The team specifically noted that characters heard in audio logs in the original will get some screen time in this new remake.


Dead Space releases on January 27th, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. Are you excited for the remake? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.