More Evidence Suggests Death Stranding Will Be Shown at The Game Awards

Death Stranding

The evidence is mounting that suggests something big related to Death Stranding will be revealed during The Game Awards show later this month.

The upcoming game from video game mastermind Hideo Kojima is still mostly shrouded in mystery, but signs here and there suggest that some questions will finally be answered on Dec. 7 when The Game Awards airs. The game boasts a powerhouse cast of talent that includes the legendary Kojima, Norman Reedus as the game’s protagonist, Mads Mikkelsen as the antagonist, and Guillermo del Toro.

While del Toro is most known for directing equally imaginative tales like Pan’s Labyrinth, he’s actually going to be in Death Stranding as a character through the use of motion capture. He also happens to be the latest in a series of announcements and teasers that suggest we’ll see more of Death Stranding during The Game Awards. A tweet from the game show’s official Twitter account previewed a very special guest who was none other than del Toro himself.

According to The Game Awards’ tweet, del Toro won’t just be making an appearance at the show either; he’ll instead be presenting something. That something almost certainly has to be Death Stranding, but whether it’s more gameplay, game details, a release date, or hopefully all of the above remains to be seen.

And following another recent teaser from The Game Awards, it looks like he won’t be presenting alone. Instead, it appears he might be joined by Kojima himself, the game creator responsible for the acclaimed Metal Gear games. In a separate teaser from Geoff Keighley, the producer for The Game Awards, a video showed scene after scene of gameplay from different games mixed in with popular personalities. Death Stranding made an appearance more than once in the video, but the telling scene came at the end when Kojima appeared at the end. You don’t put Kojima in a video by accident, so we can only hope that this and the teaser for del Toro mean more about Death Stranding will be known by the time The Game Awards concludes.