Death Stranding Has a "Very Easy Mode for Movie Fans"

As Death Stranding’s star-studded cast keeps growing, Hideo Kojima’s new game is catching the attention of more people who otherwise may not have been interested in the project. For those who know these actors for their roles in other works like The Walking Dead and Doctor Strange and just want to see these performers take on new roles as if they were in a movie, Kojima Productions has added a “Very Easy Mode.” The creator of the game said this mode is geared towards those who are “movie fans” and want to see how the story of Death Stranding and its characters plays out.

Twitter user Kaizerkunkun who is also Kojima’s personal assistant tweeted about the Very Easy Mode recently to say they’d completed a play test of the game. It took about a month while balancing it with daily work, they said, and the Very Easy Mode is suited for those who aren’t that familiar with playing games. Those who are more accustomed to them should opt for Normal or Hard Mode.

Kojima then tweeted about his assistant’s comments and said the mode is for movie fans since the game has so many actors like Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Without having seen too much of Death Stranding despite the fact that it’s releasing in November, it’s unclear how this mode will make the game easier than easy. Damage received and other values like that will almost certainly be altered, though Death Stranding probably has all sorts of unknown mechanics that could also be affected. Perhaps it’ll provide a streamlined trip through the game without much need for combat at all.

Death Stranding’s trailers have been showcasing each of these characters in the past with the latest trailer doing the same. Kojima’s game will appear during Tokyo Game Show, so we’ll see more of the game in some capacity during that upcoming event.