Deep Rock Galactic Comes to Early Access, Game Preview This Month

Deep Rock Galactic

The dwarf-filled mining game Deep Rock Galactic is coming to both Early Access and Game Preview on Steam the Xbox One at the end of the month.

A co-op game that tasks players with mining dangerous worlds to gather resources and precious materials, Deep Rock Galactic is a mixture of FPS elements and games like Minecraft. Developer Ghost Ship Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing announced the upcoming early release of the game through Twitter with a release date for Feb. 28 announced.

Following the tests of the game that ran during both the closed and open alphas, the developers have been listening to players’ feedback on how the mining game could be improved. Over on the game’s Steam page, a new list of changes that make up what’s being called Update 7 were seen with additional biomes, missions, and various tweaks seen below.

Major new features

  • New Mission selection map with procedurally generated missions
  • Seven vastly different Biomes with new minerals and lots of new cave content
  • Kill Mission, Egg Hunt Mission and various secondary objectives added
  • Total overhaul of the UI, HUD & Menus
  • First-day-at-work Tutorial to help new miners get their bearings
  • Introducing Bosco, the all-purpose-drone, that will help you in SOLO Mode
  • Quick Join terminal added to player cabin (simple matchmaking)
  • Vanity Shop where you can buy new armors, hats and beards!
  • Memorial Hall added to Space Rig, showcases previous Closed Alpha testers and unlock statues
  • 10+ different languages supported, translated by our awesome community!

Class Balance tweaks/features

  • Engineer: Sentry guns can now be recalled and refilled with ammo\
  • Scout: Grenade that paralyses enemies
  • Gunner: Lowered ammo for zipline gun
  • Using Pickaxe in combat is now less overpowered
  • Acid Spitter Glyphid added for more ranged threats
  • Overall tweaks to weapon stats and recoil/accuracy

Other/misc tweaks/features

  • Call Drop-Pod button on Molly to end the mission (when objective is fulfilled)
  • Deposit minerals on Drop-Pod, so greedy dwarves can collect gold while escaping
  • Lots of new dwarf voice lines and new Mission Control lines
  • Lots of new music tracks to set the mood
  • Mixer Interactivity for streaming added to the Option (Gameplay) menu
  • Sound effects and particles for different materials and in general, a lot of new particle and sound effects added
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Nice fading between various states of the game
  • Controller setup updated and rumble fixed
  • Hints on loading screen

Deep Rock Galactic enters both Early Access and the Xbox One’s Game Preview on Feb. 28.