New Descent Board Game Leaked by Novel Tie-In

descent hed
(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

A novel listing on Amazon has potentially leaked details about a new version of the popular fantasy board game Descent. Earlier this week, fans discovered an Amazon listing for The Shield of Daqan: A Descent: Journeys in the Dark Novel, which will be released in February 2021. While the listing was recently updated on Amazon, the book description originally noted that The Shield of Daqan would introduce the brand new edition of the hugely popular game Descent: Legends of the Dark. The novel listing suggests that these novels will serve to usher in a new era of Fantasy Flight Games' Descent: Journeys in the Dark dungeon-crawler game.

Originally released in 2005, Descent: Journeys in the Dark was originally designed as a "1 vs. all" style game set in the world of Terrinoth (a fantasy world featured in games like Runebound and Runewars) in which adventurers attempted to successfully clear a dungeon while an Overlord player spawned traps and monsters to get in their way. A Second Edition of the game was released in 2012 that streamlined the original system and Fantasy Flight eventually created an app that controlled monsters to allow all players to work together in a true co-op experience.

The leaked Descent game lines up with the recent discovery of a trademark for Descent: Legends of the Dark filed in early June, which was filed under the board and card games category. This also explains a comment made by Andrew Navarro last August that Fantasy Flight was not working on any additional content for a Second Edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, but that Fantasy Flight Games was working on another Descent-related project.


Expect additional details about Descent: Legends of the Dark to be announced at Fantasy Flight Games' In-Flight Report on July 29th at 7 PM ET on their Twitch channel.