Report: Destiny 2 Could Be Getting A Crimson Days Event Next Month

Attention, Destiny 2 lovers – you may be getting yet another Valentine’s Day treat next [...]

Destiny 2 Exotic 2

Attention, Destiny 2 lovers – you may be getting yet another Valentine's Day treat next month.

You may recall that the original Destiny offered up an event called Crimson Days, in which players were matched up in 2 vs. 2 fashion in the Crucible, via Crimson Doubles, in an attempt to get these players to bond. It was pretty ideal for couples, or those that didn't really have anything else happening during Valentine's Day. (Some of us just know the feeling.)

However, some data miners have managed to look through Destiny 2's most recent files and have come across some new exotic weapon ornaments, and while they don't have that much significance in themselves, there is a Crimson Days icon that appears in the upper left corner for each one, indicating that the event might just be making a return.

That said, it could be a completely different event this time around, with rules that cater more to Destiny 2 than the original Destiny. Here's the rundown of weapons that will be introduced, according to PlayStation Lifestyle:

  • Prometheus Lens – Prism Ornament
  • Sweet Business – Go About Your Business Ornament
  • Graviton Lance – Carina Nebula Ornament
  • Wardcliff Coil – Dieselpunk Ornament

There's also word about a free-for-all mode coming to the game, according to the same files. But, as expected, Bungie nor Activision have yet to say anything about forthcoming content. So we'll have to see what the company introduces over the next few weeks.

You can check out the image below, and dream of all things Crimson Days. Here's hoping it returns with a vengeance. Or with love.

Destiny 2 Exotic
(Photo: PlayStation Lifestyle)

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.