A Potential Exotic Raid Weapon Quest Discovered in Destiny 2 Spurs More Leviathan Speculation

For those Destiny 2 fans not waiting patiently for the PC release, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are already deep within the newest game's throes and enjoying the fruits of Bungie's labor. Just like the first title, Destiny 2 is rife with exotic weapons for those looking for a challenge to get their hands on but one player in particular found something interesting that points to a very different kind of exotic weapon coming soon.

According to one Reddit user, an item found in his inventory while playing through the campaign hinted at what's to come. According to him, the item became available while he was patrolling the European Dead zone (EDZ). A new card showed up in his inventory telling him to wait for the "World Eater". The card reads, "The decrypted communications indicate something is coming. Look for the arrival of the "World-Eater."

Destiny 2
(Photo: Reddit )

The speculation on the thread immediately started to turn out ideas on what this means for future raids. The first raid is rumored to be called Leviathan, and many Destiny 2 players began to wonder if the "World-Eater" would be something to do with the Leviathan themselves or if it is the name of the new exotic weapon itself.

Another pointed out that they had picked up on background dialogue during a mission on Nessus where it was mentioned that they were preparing to be consumed. With a popular theory being that the Leviathan is a vessel meant to consume entire worlds, that particular tid-bit does fall right in line the thought that the Leviathan is "hungry" for the surrounding worlds.

Bungie has already promised exciting raids lined up, many utilizing what fans loved about the first Destiny. With the first raid set within the launch time frame of the latest title, it's very very possible that the "World-Eater" mystery will be solved very soon. The common consensus though was that we just have to wait to see what the future brings, and we all know that waiting is the hardest part.


Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with its PC release set for October 24th.

(via Reddit)