Following Recent Backlash, Destiny 2 Dev Team Cancels Upcoming Livestream With New Statement

Bungie is having a rough week after player concerns became a focus in the Destiny 2 community. [...]

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Bungie is having a rough week after player concerns became a focus in the Destiny 2 community. Previously, the XP scaling in-game was found to be considerably off and not what the team promised promised. Earlier this week, many Guardians took to the forums to claim that the system for leveling was "rigged," which prompted the company to make an immediate announcement that the situation was indeed "not fair" and they were working on fixes. Fast forward to today's announcement, the community clapped back even harder when it seemed that their version of "transparency" meant two completely different things.

Originally there was supposed to be another livestream this week going into a plethora of in-game content including new weapons, gear, and even more of what's to come in season 2 alongside the Curse of Osiris expansion. Among the announcements was to be a formal addressing of the scaling controversy as well, though the main event was to showcase a more fun experience with new content on the way. When the announcement this morning was met with volatile feedback, Bungie decided to postpone this week's stream with a statement to fans instead:

"Tomorrow, we had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of "Curse of Osiris" to show off some of the weapons and armor the expansion includes. Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2. You'll hear from studio leadership about their assessment of Destiny all up, they'll talk about our goals for the game going forward, and you'll also learn about how we're reacting to your feedback with some game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks."

The issue at hand being the in-game experience scaling system, and one that has been called into question since day one but with more of a spotlight this week. It's a smart move on the developing team's part to address this head on, versus continuing a more flippant (though still exciting) stream in its stead. It's clearly a hot ticket issue right now within the Destiny 2 community, with many responding directly to Bungie with reports of feeling betrayed, lied to, and purposefully mislead.

We will have more information come Wedsnesday, November 29th.