Destiny 2 Goes Offline for "Emergency Maintenance" After Season of the Splicer Launch

Update: Destiny 2 is starting to come back online now. Original: Destiny 2’s newest season [...]

Update: Destiny 2 is starting to come back online now.

Original: Destiny 2's newest season called "Season of the Splicer" released on Tuesday, but the rollout has not been a smooth one. Players encountered different error codes after the season launched with the "Honeydew" error being one of the most common ones players reported seeing. The issues persisted after the launch of the season with new content rendered inaccessible to players frequently enough that Bungie decided to take the entire game offline for what it called "emergency maintenance."

That update about the abrupt flip of the switch on Destiny 2 was the last thing Bungie has said about the game so far, at least through its Bungie Help Twitter account that focuses on these kinds of issues. The past few posts from the account create a trail of tweets leading towards this outcome with reports of the Honeydew errors acknowledged not long after the game's maintenance for the new update began. The maintenance was extended, but not long afterwards, Bungie Help began acknowledging problems with other areas like Season 14's season pass and "Chicken" codes alongside the Honeydew messages. As of around an hour ago at the time this is written, Destiny 2 was taken offline completely.

Interestingly enough, it appears as though cross-play has also been implemented to some degree in the update, though that's not really something players can check out right now considering how the game's been taken offline completely. Tasks mentioning cross-play were spotted around the time that the new season went live, and some players were even saying that they were able to engage in cross-play sessions with other people to unite the PC and console platforms with one another.

Cross-play was expectedly absent from the details included in Destiny 2's beefy notes for the new season which indicates that the release might've been an accident, but that hasn't been addressed yet. Perhaps we'll learn more about plans for cross-play or at least will get a statement on its appearance after the game is back up and running again.

Destiny 2's server status page has not been updated yet to reflect these issues, so the Bungie Help Twitter account seems like your best bet for further updates on the situation.