'Destiny 2' "The Last Word" Video Teases Thorn's Return

With the return of The Last Word hand cannon to the world of Destiny 2, the team over at Bungie [...]

With the return of The Last Word hand cannon to the world of Destiny 2, the team over at Bungie revealed a new video that hypes up what else will be in store for the online game -- notably, the return of Thorn.

The trailer above shows off what we love most about The Last Word, but it does tease the return of another popular firearm that has been a long time coming. For those that didn't play the first Destiny, including the PC players for the sequel, The Last Word was a powerful hand cannon that quickly became a community favorite. It absolutely crushed PvP and was incredible versatile for the player's use.

Towards the end of the above trailer, we see a sequence that shows off some weird-looking ammo that Thorn lovers will be able to identify immediately. This is yet another hand cannon from the first game and it was equally loved by many players of the online game.

It looks like Thorn, though not available yet, will be coming with the Season of the Drifter. For those with the annual pass, this looks to be one of the perks for those that have been following Destiny 2's evolution diligently.

Today's reset will also bring in some immense sandbox changes ad well as weapon tweaks, gameplay balances, and more. You can check out everything that's new to the world of Destiny with their preview here.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

With Bungie having recently emancipated from Activision, it's an exciting time for Destiny players. The studio has already shared their own enthusiasm for what the future holds, which only makes us more excited for what's to come!

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