New 'Destiny 3' Leak Reveals a Darker Guardian, the Game Bungie Wanted From the Start

Earlier this month we talked a bit about a recent leak regarding a third Destiny title in the works from Bungie. Now the same source is opening up about more alleged details from the upcoming game, including a much darker path for Guardians.

The original leak initially began last week when another user, 'future-foe', mentioned that "Bungie should have a solid base running version of Destiny 3 by now." In response, AnontheNine replied "Nope. The development its starting right now. Chris Barrett game director. Luke Smith still there in a big role."

At the time, 'AnontheNine' didn't give specifics, but now he's ready to talk. According to him, Destiny 3 is entirely a project from past mistakes, every lesson learned compiled into one. With Forsaken being such a massive success, it does go to show that Bungie finally "got it right" with many fans, and the third game will continue that desire to please.

According to the source, Destiny 3 won't be a game for the weak and will go full-on in respect to the RPG side of things. He also says that Destiny 3 is the game they wanted to make from the start birthed from a much darker narrative.

AnontheNine also went into to a few specifics, saying that the Guardian will instead utilize the power of the Darkness, which was a huge theme in Destiny 2's latest expansion. Since all Guardians derive that power from the Light currently, this could mean big things for the story as we know it.


The source also mentioned to not expect any teases until next year and that this game will be slated for a next generation release. You can read up on all of his released tid-bits here but at this time, take it all with a grain of salt until Bungie themselves makes confirmations. We are a long way away from Bungie announcing anything specific, so for now it is all speculation and rumors from random sources on the Internet.

Still - the team did manage to turn the general opinion around with Forsaken, but it was a long, hard road out of Hell to get to this point. Do you think it's a smart move to begin work on another Destiny title, or would you rather them put their focus in a new IP? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us what you think about the latest addition to the rumor mill.