Destiny Banned From Twitch Indefinitely

Twitch streamer Destiny has been banned indefinitely from the platform for "hateful conduct". Twitch has largely avoided banning some massive streamers for an extended amount of time, but it seems Destiny crossed a line. In 2020, Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch. It's still unclear why Dr Disrespect was banned, but given he was the face of Twitch at the time, it made it clear that Twitch was willing to pull the plug on some channels if it felt it was necessary. There have been temporary suspensions for other big streamers, but it is rare to see a permanent ban issued for them.

Destiny is the latest big Twitch streamer to catch a massive ban, but this time, it's not as vague. The streamer was banned for "hateful conduct" and although Twitch didn't specifically outline what he said that crossed the line, people on Twitter pointed to transphobic comments from his streams. Destiny has been a controversial figure on Twitch for quite some time and this is far from the first time Twitch has punished him for content in his streams. It's currently unclear if Twitch will appeal his ban at any point or if he will join the likes of Dr Disrespect on YouTube or another platform.

Although the fact that Twitch isn't more transparent with the moments that lead to a ban is a bit frustrating, it does show that the platform is willing to hold large streamers accountable. Destiny had about 700,000, which is no small feat. Although there are much larger streamers on the platform, Destiny would often debate with other streamers, including political commentator HasanAbi. This allowed him to collaborate with even larger streamers, but it's likely that will no longer be possible with this Twitch ban. The likes of Dr Disrespect have been forbidden from appearing on stream with other Twitch streamers and it seems likely the same will apply to Destiny following this ban.

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