'Detective Pikachu' Cast Adds Bill Nighy and Chris Geere

The Detective Pikachu cast continues to swell, and this morning it was revealed (via Hollywood [...]

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The Detective Pikachu cast continues to swell, and this morning it was revealed (via Hollywood Reporter) that Bill Nighy and Chris Geere will be joining Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming film from Legendary. Nighy (Underworld, Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Geere (You're the Worst, After Earth) are the newest additions to an already star-studded cast. We've learned not to get our hopes up for live-action films based on video games, but damn if Detective Pikachu isn't turning out to be a curio worthy of our hype.

In the film, Detective Pikachu, voiced by Reynolds, will be helping a young man find his missing father with the help of an aspiring journalist. The young man will be played by Justice Smith, who we'll be seeing soon in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and the journalist is none other than Kathryn Newton (Big Little Lies).

We previously reported that Detective Pikachu has finally started filming, so it won't be long until we start seeing some more cast announcement, on-set images, and maybe even a teaser trailer by the end of the summer months! You can read more on that here. And speaking of on-set images, we actually got our first look at how some Pokemon will appear in the film. You can check out a few of those images here.

The movie is based off the Detective Pikachu game, which was released in 2016 in Japan. The game received rave reviews and attracted mainstream attention when Pokemon fans petitioned the Pokemon Company for an English version of the game with Danny DeVito voicing Pikachu. An expanded version of the game will be released in the United States in March along with an extra-sized amiibo of Detective Pikachu himself.

Legendary Pictures obtained the live action movie rights to the Pokemon franchise in 2016 shortly after the franchise regained mainstream popularity due to Pokemon Go. Legendary surprised fans when they announced they were adapting the Detective Pikachu game instead of doing a live-action version of the Pokemon movie.