'Detective Pikachu' Clip Gives Best Look Yet at Jigglypuff

A short clip posted to Detective Pikachu's Twitter account has given fans a new look at the cuddly Pokemon Jigglypuff. Yesterday, the Detective Pikachu Twitter account posted a "Who's That Pokemon" clip that revealed Jigglypuff in action. While the clip didn't have any sound, it's clear that Jigglypuff is singing its distinctive song into a green-tipped microphone similar to the one seen in the Pokemon anime. Judging by the Pokemon's expression at the end of the clip, it seems that Jigglypuff's song may have put its audience to sleep. You can view the full tweet below:

Jigglypuff is a fan-favorite Pokemon, a cute Fairy-type Pokemon with the ability to inflate and deflate its round body. In addition to its elastic balloon-like body, Jigglypuff also has an enchanting song that can put anyone to sleep. While Jigglypuff has seemingly smooth skin in the games and anime, Jigglypuff is depicted as having fur in Detective Pikachu, which actually makes a lot of sense as it sports a tuft of hair that hangs between its eyes.

In the Detective Pikachu trailers, it seems that Jigglypuff has taken up a job as a lounge singer, which might not be best for the lounge's business. We also don't know whether Jigglypuff's microphone doubles as a permanent marker, as the Pokemon often used markers to deface those that it put to sleep as a measure of revenge in the Pokemon anime.

Detective Pikachu will be released in theaters on May 19th.



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