'Detroit: Become Human' Dev Quantic Dream Loses Court Case Against Former Employee

Quantic Dream is no strange to controversy. The Human Rain, Detroit Become Human developer has seen their fair share of law suits over the course of their existence but it appears that one of them did not have the desired ending.

According to a recent report from Eurogamer, the studio has lost their court case against a former employee when they quit upon discovering photoshopped images of the employees themselves around the office. The nature of the images was offensive, often featuring employee faces on porn stars and Nazi soldiers, which opened up a much bigger case about the toxicity of the work place that Quantic Dream offers those a part of their team.

The controversy began when several media publications reported that studio heads David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere provided a very negative picture of the a work environment rife with inappropriate behavior and cruel working conditions. Since then, many allegations of sexual harassment and racism also surfaced which painted a very dark picture for this particular work environment.

Cage himself rebuked these claims, calling them propostereous and stating that he was "shocked" at the 'lies.' In April, the studio took action and sued the media outlets that ran the stories as part of a "smear campaign," according to Cage. Today, the court has decided the next step for this case.

According to Eurogamer, "A French journalist with knowledge of the process it explained to me as a notification of termination made by an employee who considered themselves a victim. By enacting this step, a worker forfeits their employment rights and salary, but can then petition for unfair dismissal."


The labor court then took over to determine the state of the former employee's dismissal. Now, the court has determined the case was in the favor of the employee. Quantic Dream will have the opportunity to appeal if they wish, though their court cases against the journalists remains an ongoing venture.