Devil May Cry 5 Devs Tease New Trailer While Revealing More About Nero

We've been learning a lot about the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 game from Capcom that's on its way, [...]

We've been learning a lot about the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 game from Capcom that's on its way, including more about the characters seen in the initial reveal. In a new episode of the Capcom Confidential Podcast, we've now learned even more about what we can expect including new details on Nero and his van and a new trailer on the horizon.

Producers Pete Fabiano and Matt Walker took center stage alongside a few of the artists while they discussed what it took to create this new narrative as well as how much those "little details" matter. Capcom did admit that they outsourced for the base models for the best possible quality while also discussing how the artists themselves had total freedom regarding creative direction. Character Designer Daigo Ikeno also spoke a little bit about the "sleek" new design of the world and the characters in it and how that more modernized take was a unique challenge to the entire creative team.

One of the artists that worked on that infamous van from the E3 trailer and how it wasn't actually made by the environment team, which would be the norm. The character designers themselves took to that piece of gameplay alongside character lead designer Nagaki to be an asset when fighting off the hordes of new monsters players will encounter.

Speaking of monsters, they also spoke a little about the new Big Bad when facing off against the Goliath, which was compared to Devil May Cry 4's Berial. The team mentioned how much care went into these boss fights and promises that the upcoming trailer, presumably at GamesCom, will be "pretty sick" and answer a lot of those burning fan questions.

Fans may have noticed that Nero was a bit flashier in the last trailer. The artist team mentioned that all of the bells and whistles seen with his jewellery, including the blue color choice, all had deeper meaning. A lot of that meaning is a reference to Osaka with odds and ends to represent his love, Nico. Even the tattoos tell a story, and each one has a painstaking purpose to the overall narrative.

For anyone that is a fan of this incredible franchise, the latest episode of the podcast is a thrilling ride for those interesting. To check out what else the team had to say, you can give it a listen right here.