'Devil May Cry 5' Debuts New Dante Gameplay, Hints At Possible Demo

Earlier today -- like around 3:15 AM our time or so, yep, that early -- Capcom hosted a live [...]

Earlier today -- like around 3:15 AM our time or so, yep, that early -- Capcom hosted a live broadcast for the Devil May Cry 5 team, showing off some new gameplay featuring Dante and giving us a hint that we could be seeing a demo sooner rather than later.

In the video, which you can see above, we get a good look at the capabilities of the stylish hero, as he shows off a heaping amount of his powerful moves, along with his Royal Guard style, perfect fro fending off enemies big and small. And, for good measure, Dante also has a lot of taunts in tow.

But there are also some other elements introduced over the course of the livestream, including some new visual styles introduced with some of the enemies in the game, keeping things interesting with each new skirmish that you get into.

What's more, we learn a bit more about producer Matt Walker, who talks about how he got his start with Capcom and became such an avid fan of the Devil May Cry series. He also gets in some detail about the creation and design of Nico, who is slowly becoming a fan favorite with the release.

And speaking of the fans, Capcom might just be hinting at something coming their way. When someone asked about the possibility of a public demo for Devil May Cry 5 being released, it wasn't denied. Granted, it wasn't confirmed either.

When asked, community manager Matthew Edwards said that there was nothing to announce at this time regarding a demo, but the company was "always thinking about the fans." And to top that off, producer Hideaki Itsuno made a smug little face, which you can see at the 55-minute mark in the video. Sooooo...Christmas bonus for us then?

The video is just good fun all around. And to top it all off, the team breaks off into karaoke at the end. It's rather unlikely that we'll get such a mode in Devil May Cry 5; but, hey, hopefully it'll have a soundtrack that you can sing along to while you send demons off into oblivion. Fingers crossed…?

This, on top of the Void Mode that was recently introduced during an Xbox livestream earlier this month, gives us a lot more to get excited about with Devil May Cry 5. And the wait won't be too much longer, as the game is set to arrive on March 8, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.