Devolver Digital Calls On Mel Brooks To Make A Spaceballs Game

Spaceballs Video Game

We’re having some fun as we wait to go into the new year, but no one seems to be having more fun right now than Devolver Digital. The company is coming off a banner year of new game releases, including the beat-em-up saga Absolver, the isometric shooter Ruiner and the Nintendo Switch port of the highly popular Enter the Gungeon.

But now it’s reaching out to beyond the stars to suggest a game adaptation of a beloved comedy classic – Spaceballs.

The company took to Twitter today to ask Mel Brooks if there would be a possibility on a collaboration on making a Spaceballs game, one that would have players guide Lone Star and his crew through a series of adventures. Or maybe even play as Dark Helmet in the DLC. You can see the tweet below.

We haven’t seen much on the Spaceballs front for the past few years now, aside from a short-lived animated series that ran for less than one season. So maybe it’s time that it makes a comeback, whether as a video game or in a sequel, like the aforementioned Spaceballs II: The Search For More Money.


Obviously, Devolver Digital is probably just kidding around, but we can’t help but wonder, “What if?” After all, if there’s a company that could make a weird-as-hell game stand out on the market, it’s Devolver Digital.

Besides, we just want to make the dialogue choice of “I knew it, I’m surrounded by assholes!” at some point during the game. Heck, we’d even say it twice.