Diablo 3 Update Adds New Class Powers

Diablo 3's next season is quickly approaching with Season 27 scheduled to get underway on August 26th, but the update associated with that season has already gone live as of this week. Blizzard confirmed as much on Tuesday by saying that Patch 2.7.4 with all its seasonal features and changes for players to look forward had been released on the game's live servers after a lengthy stay on the test realm.

With every new season of Diablo 3, we see the game updated with a different theme that changes the way players revisit their favorite classes, weapons, and abilities. This time, Season 27 is centered around the theme of "Light's Calling" which consists of a new item which bestows upon classes unique powers.

"Season 27 introduces Light's Calling, our new seasonal theme," a preview of the update read. "Valiant Nephalem who recover Angelic Crucibles, a new consumable item, may use them to Sanctify any equippable Legendary item, infusing it with one of three new class-specific powers at random. We wanted to use Angelic Crucibles to lean into the expertise of each class, further exemplifying its respective prowess, but through a nuanced lens. The High Heavens are home to ethereal splendor, bursting with boundless radiance—we wanted to provide players with a taste of untainted power as doled out from Heaven itself."

These Angelic Crucibles and the Sanctified items associated with them are only to be used in the seasonal play portion of Diablo 3 which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been around these seasons for a while now. Other guidelines governing the use of these Angelic Crucibles say that the item can only be found once players reach level 70 and that only level 70 equippable items can be Sanctified. The good news for those who may have tested this update out on the game's test servers is that the drop rates of Angelic Crucibles has been doubled since then, so once you're able to acquire them, you should have an easier time doing so.

As for the powers themselves, they're diverse and quite specific depending on which class you're playing as. Given that there are three different possible powers to be acquired depending on which class you're playing as, you'll want to read up on the full details here via the game's patch notes.