Diablo 4 Beta Update Addresses Queue Times, Console Problems

Diablo 4 players got their first hands-on experience with the game this weekend during the ongoing open beta, though as some might've expected, long queues and errors messages were part of the process. Blizzard indicated that'd be the case going into the beta right as it started with a list of known problems mentioning those exact kinds of things alongside a reassurance that the Diablo team would be looking into the issues. Now, on Saturday, a follow-up message regarding these sorts of issues provided more details on what's being done and said that players should have a much easier time actually getting into the beta now.

Over in the Blizzard forums, Diablo 4 community manager Adam Fletcher shared another update following the one from late Friday night. In this one, Fletcher said a series of hotfixes had been pushed on Friday to address problems.

"Last night, the team pushed a few backend server hotfixes to address server stability and issues related to player parties that we reported on yesterday evening," Fletcher said. "This has led to significantly improved queue times, so players should be experiencing much shorter waits to get into the game."

In addition to generally long wait times when the beta opened on Friday, those playing on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms noted specific queue issues that seemed to be affecting them in particular. Blizzard is aware of that, too, and is working on the console situation.

"As of this morning, we are tracking a new issue related to some console players unable to get through queues," Fletcher said. "We are also continuing some work on a few of the issues from last night and this morning that are affecting a small number of users."

After trying to get into the Diablo 4 beta once or twice on Saturday (on PC), it does seem like some of the queue problems have been resolved since getting into the beta today was a much easier task compared to the wait times from Friday that said players would sometimes be waiting upwards of an hour. The queue times often moved faster than anticipated anyway, but the even faster queues present today are good news for the rest of the weekend's beta as well as the next weekend of the beta taking place in a couple of days.