Diablo 4 Release Window and Beta Possibly Leaked

It looks like Blizzard will release a Diablo 4 beta before the game comes to PS4, Xbox One, PC, [...]

It looks like Blizzard will release a Diablo 4 beta before the game comes to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and presumably next-gen consoles. Earlier in the year, a "rumor" about Diablo 4 surfaced on the Internet, before the game was announced earlier this month at BlizzCon. Like most rumors, just about everybody and their sister's mother's son wrote off the rumor. However, it turns out everything in said rumor was accurate. In other words, it appears to be legit, and as a result it seemingly reveals details not yet revealed by Blizzard itself.

One of the details is word that a beta is coming to the game sometime next year. There's no word on what platforms it will be for, but presumably it will be available across every platform the game has been announced for. According to the rumor, Blizzard is aiming to have the beta release next year ahead of the game's full release sometime in 2021. As you may know, Blizzard has previously confirmed the game isn't releasing anytime soon. In other words, 2020 is off the table, but 2021 seems like a decent fit when considering this.

Elsewhere in the rumor is word that alongside the already announced classes, Amazon and Paladin will also be classes available at launch. Beyond this, there are more details, but these are all the salient ones. However, if you want nitty-gritty details and reveals about the game that seem to be accurate, well, you can check out the rumor for yourself right here. Of course, this should all still be taking with a grain of salt though, like any unofficial information.

Diablo 4 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment fo publishing, there's been no official word of any additional platforms or a release date. For more news, rumors, leaks, media, and information on the upcoming dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash game, click here.

"Diablo IV is the newest incarnation of the genre defining ARPG players have come to know and love," reads an official elevator pitch of the game. "Hellish new features, brutal challenges, and an indisputable return to darkness lie at the core of our hard work. Take a glimpse into the terror that awaits."