Diablo 4 Gets New Development Update From Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment has given eager fans a brief new update on the current development of Diablo 4. Despite being announced all the way back in 2019, news on the latest game in the Diablo franchise has been hard to come by over the years. Much of this is due in part to the fact that the title still isn't slated to release for quite some time. In spite of this, though, Blizzard has now at least informed fans of how far along the development of Diablo 4 is. 

Mentioned in a new write-up from Activision Blizzard that went over earnings from the first quarter of 2022, the video game publisher briefly touched on how work on Diablo 4 is progressing. In short, Blizzard didn't have anything substantial to say about work on the game, but it did say that it's being playtested quite a bit at the moment. "Development on Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 is also progressing well," Blizzard said of two of its most highly-anticipated future releases. "Company-wide internal testing of Diablo 4 is underway, and external testing of the player-versus-player mode of Overwatch 2 begins tomorrow, April 26, 2022."

Even though it's hard to glean too much from this new Diablo 4 update, the fact that the game is now being widely tested within Blizzard means that the studio is clearly quite far along into development. As such, the next time that we end up seeing major news for Diablo 4 come about, it seems likely that Blizzard will have a lot of new gameplay to show off. Until then, though, it seems likely that we shouldn't expect to hear any big announcements related to D4 until sometime next year. 


At this point in time, Diablo 4 still doesn't have a release window of any sort, but it will be coming to PC whenever it does arrive. In the interim, Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo Immortal, which is the mobile spin-off in the series, will be launching in June. In addition, Immortal will also now be coming to PC as well.