New Capcom Leak May Hint at Dino Crisis Remake on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Is Dino Crisis finally going to get its due and get a remake in a similar style to the recent remake of Resident Evil 2 and upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3? Well, it looks like it may happen, or at least a new leak suggests that Capcom could finally remake the first game in the series, which is something fans have been asking for quite some time. According to AestheticGamer, Capcom is going to continue to crank out remakes going forward, but it's taking a break from Resident Evil remakes for a bit. In other words, a remake of Resident Evil 4 will not be following the remake Resident Evil 3, at least not for awhile. However, this does open the door for Dino Crisis to be remade.

"There also won't be any Resident Evil remakes out in the next few years after Resident Evil 3," said AestheticGamer on Twitter. "There is a couple other Capcom games being rebooted in the same vein as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 though in the RE Engine, which should be seen pretty soon."

Now, there's quite a few games Capcom could be remaking, but the fact that the remakes will continue to be done in the RE Engine heavily suggests Dino Crisis, the game people literally used to refer to as "Resident Evil with dinosaurs." Not only does Dino Crisis play like old Resident Evil games, it was made by the same team and creator. So, again, it's possible none of these alleged remakes are for Dino Crisis, but the remake with the path of least resistance at this point would be Dino Crisis, which also happens to be the remake everyone has been asking for behind only the classic Resident Evil games.


That said, take all of this with a grain of salt. While AestheticGamer has proven reliable in the past, this is far from anything worth taking to the bookies. However, if the report is right, then we should be seeing the first of these remakes sometime later this year, which suggests it will likely be a cross-gen release between PS4 and Xbox One and PS5 and Xbox Series X. And of course, it will almost certainly come to the PC as well.