Discord Announces New Social Feature

Discord users will soon have another way to talk to each other and engage in "meaningful conversations" without having to talk over each other thanks to the addition of Forum Channels. This new social feature basically exists in the same form as more traditional forums wherein conversations are categorized and titled based on what's being talked about. Discord said it's starting to roll this feature out today with people expected to be able to see it in action within Community servers.

Much like the typical forums Internet denizens have probably visited too many times to count, these are "dedicated spaces for each new topic of discussion," Discord said. Channels will have posting guidelines in place to indicate what's allowed and what's not, and people will be able to easily see what's supposed to be talked about in any particular forum.

"Forums are a place designed for focused discussions, not just free-range chatting," Discord said. "When you explore a Forum Channel, you'll see a list of posts that start new conversations, complete with big bolded titles and relevant tags. You can hop into one of them and join in, use the search bar to find more posts in the archives, or even create your own—complete with a helpful, descriptive image that will display for anyone scrolling by."

The creation of these different forum categories, Discord hopes, should make it so that particular topics of conversation that have sprung up in main channels don't continue to dominate those channels if that's not their intended purpose. Along with the aforementioned guidelines for the forums, tags and other posts already in the Forum channels are meant to guide the conversation to indicate what's to be talked about.

Discord closed out its post by reminding users of some of the other features in place to further establish more personalized conversations.

"Like Threads and Text in Voice before, Forum Channels let focused conversations thrive without hogging a channel," Discord said. "No more watching an interesting discussion get drowned out, hijacked, or abandoned because it went stale for a few hours. More than ever, every conversation has a place on Discord now."

Discord's new Forum Channels feature should be rolling out now across Community channels.