Discord Announces New Nitro Tier

Discord is rolling out a new tier of its Nitro subscription service to give its users a different method of obtaining certain features if they don't want to pay the full price. This new Nitro plan is aptly called "Nitro Basic," and it comes with a few handy extras like the ability to use animated emojis anywhere as well as bigger file uploads. The release of Nitro Basic is currently limited both in terms of both regional and platform availability, but it's set to get a wider rollout later on.

Over on the Discord support site, we see a breakdown of Nitro Basic and what it offers. Its core features include widespread use of customized and animated emojis across servers, custom stickers, larger file uploads, custom video backgrounds, and a unique Nitro badge. More info on all of those features can be found in the rundown below:

Nitro Basic Features

  • Animated and custom emoji anywhere: Unlock all of your emoji from any server, and use them anywhere.
  • Custom stickers anywhere: Similar to emoji, unlock and use all custom stickers from servers you've joined. Plus, access 300 Nitro exclusive stickers.
  • Bigger file uploads: Upload photos, videos, any other files up to 20MB.
  • Custom video backgrounds: Use any image you want for your video call background to give your space some privacy with personality.
  • Special Nitro profile badge: Get a profile badge only available to Nitro subscribers.

With Nitro Basic now implemented, there are two other tiers above it: Nitro Classic and the normal Nitro. The former includes things like the ability to use a gif avatar and to choose your own Discord tag as well as higher video quality and an even greater upload cap. Nitro proper includes better version of all of that including increased server limits, increased character caps on messages, global use of custom stickers, two server boosts, and server avatars.

If Nitro Basic sounds like enough for you, you can go ahead and try it out for $2.99 a month if you're in the United Kingdom and are using Discord on a PC. Nitro Basic is expected to rollout elsewhere after this initial release.