Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Could Be A Concluding Point For The Series


The Dishonored series has been a real big hit for Bethesda over the past few years, and the forthcoming Death of the Outsider chapter, which we've previewed over the weekend, looks to be a top-notch addition to the story. But we're hearing the possibility that it could be the last chapter of this particular story.

No, we don't just mean "for now". Death of the Outsider could possibly serve as the finale, with Dishonored 3 possibly introducing all new faces.

IGN recently had a chance to speak with Arkane Studios creative director Harvey Smith about the forthcoming game, and he noted that the third chapter, being deemed as "hypothetical" at the moment, may go with someonething new.

He confirmed that the Death of the Outsider saga will wrap up this current arc of the series, as it will "probably be Dishonored fans wanting to see the finale of the arc that we've made."

Now, going back to Dishonored 3 just being "hypothetical," Smith said he doesn't know what's next just yet. "I don't know yet," he said. "I kind of hope there are more Dishonored games, but I honestly don't know.


"All I know is that for this set of characters and this situation that started with the rat plague and went through Corvo and Emily and Daud and Billie and The Outsider, this is the finale of that piece." He did note, however, that "if there are more Dishonored games, they will be different characters in a different situation." Again, leaning heavily on that "if".

The final chapter of this particular series (hopefully not the whole thing, but we don't know) will arrive on September 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Guess we'll see what happens after that point…