Dreamlight Valley Getting Disney Parks In-Game Event Starting Today

Disney's famous popcorn buckets are coming to Dreamlight Valley.

A new event is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley starting today called the Dreamlight Parks Fest. Running through June 5th, the event will allow players to craft new Disney Parks related items, including multiple popcorn bucket designs based on ones that have actually been sold in the real park locations. To craft these items, players will have to find new button items, which will be found in various locations around the valley. Gameloft is hinting that "additional Disney Parks-inspired furniture awaits you at your Crafting Table," but has not offered more details. The colored buttons can be found in the following locations:

  • Red Buttons: Found around or inside Villager houses.
  • Blue Buttons: Found randomly while fishing at white fishing spots on Dazzle Beach and in Peaceful Meadow ponds.
  • Green Buttons: Rewarded through daily and weekly event quests.
  • Flower Buttons: Found around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
  • Purple Buttons: Crafted with other Buttons.

How Green Buttons Work

Most of these descriptions from the developers are pretty self-explanatory. However, the Green Buttons are a bit unique. Basically, this event will see daily and weekly quests that are given to the player by a handful of villagers: Mickey, Moana, Scrooge McDuck, Ursula, and WALL-E. The characters will all be craving different kinds of cupcakes, and by helping to satisfy them, players will be rewarded with the buttons. The video below offers a glimpse at what to expect. 

Dreamlight Parks Fest Community Challenge

In addition to the new craftable items, players can take part in a handful of community challenges during the Dreamlight Parks Fest. If the game's community completes these goals, all players will be rewarded with in-game items. Many of these challenges are pretty simple, so players shouldn't have a lot of difficulty pulling them off. The community challenges and their rewards include:

  • 500 Photos With the Partner Statue Shared on Social Media- Crafting Essentials Pack
  • 350,000 Park Recycler Items Placed- Mainstreet Decor Pack
  • 400,000 Ice Cream and Bretzel Stands Placed- Baking Essentials Pack
  • 450,000 Dreamlight Parks Cupcakes Baked- Mickey Mouse Items Pack
  • 600,000 In-Game Attractions Ridden- Moonstones and Large Chest

Disney Dreamlight Valley has put a big emphasis on Disney Parks content over the last few months. The Partner Statue was given out as a free item to all players as part of The Laugh Floor update back in February, so that should be a really easy challenge for the community to complete. This month's Thrills & Frills update also added the ability to ride several of the game's attractions, so anyone that has any from the current Star Path, last year's Star Path, or from the Premium Shop shouldn't have much issue with that. The Ice Cream and Bretzel Stand task is probably going to be the most difficult one, since it basically hinges on how many people have actually purchased the current Star Path. 

Are you planning to get this Disney Parks attraction from the Premium Shop? Have you purchased the current Star Path? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!