Disney World Fans Are Waiting in Line for Hours for a Popcorn Bucket

Disney World fans are waiting six or more hours for a limited edition popcorn bucket featuring a character popular to park-goers.   Today is the start of the International Festival of the Arts, one of several annual festivals that take place at EPCOT. While the festival features a ton of pop-up art displays and new culinary treats, one unexpected piece of merchandise has taken center stage at the limited time event. Park goers stood in line for hours today for a limited edition popcorn bucket shaped like Figment. The popcorn bucket only costs $25 but was only being sold at one location, the Pop Eats booth at the festival, which led to the extremely long line that stretched across the bottom half of Epcot and even doubled up on itself.

Figment is a character that originally debuted at EPCOT back in 1982 and serves as an unofficial mascot for the theme park. The magical dragon appears in the Journey Into Imagination ride, which has received multiple updates over the course of the park's history. While not as well-known as many Disney movie characters, Figment has a strong fan following due to its unique connection to the park. In fact, Figment's exclusion in the second version of Journey Into Imagination led to Disney shutting down the ride and revamping it so that Figment played a much bigger role in the attraction, which remains open to this day. Figment has also appeared in two comics series published by Disney.

While the popcorn bucket only costs $25, demand for the limited edition souvenir has caused a secondary market to quickly explode on eBay and other websites. Listings for Figment popcorn buckets are regularly appearing for $100 or more, and there's even several listings for "bad drawings" of the popcorn buckets posted to either catch potential shoppers unaware or simply to build into the hype. 

The popcorn bucket is a limited edition item, but Disney should have the bucket at least through the end of the Festival of the Arts, which runs through February 21st.