Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze’s Digital File Size Has Shrunken Dramatically On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is getting some stellar ports of hit Wii U games as of late, including Mario [...]

Donkey Kong Country

The Nintendo Switch is getting some stellar ports of hit Wii U games as of late, including Mario Kart 8, the Bayonetta twin-pack and the soon-to-be-released Hyrule Warriors. On top of that, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will join the party, bringing the platforming antics of the Kong series we've all come to know and love.

But Nintendo may be pulling off a neat trick with the game's conversion from the Wii U hardware to the Switch, as it appears to be shrinking down in size, rather than taking up even more space with the additional content it has.

A listing for the game has recently appeared on Nintendo of Japan's page, and it indicates that the game will only take up 6.6GB of hard drive space with its digital download. The original game, when it released on the Wii U, took up around 11.4GB, before updates, up to 12GB in all after updates.

This is a pretty big feat, as the game is highly detailed and packed with hours' worth of levels to discover, as well as an immense challenge that will keep players coming back for more. Not to mention it'll have additional content, including the debut of a playable Funky Kong, who'll be able to get through levels with ease, thanks to his hover ability and being able to surf over sharp rocks like a pro.

This isn't a finalized file size yet, but since it's on Nintendo's page, it looks pretty close to official, which means you won't have to sweat your memory card space too much if you're going with the digital download. If you prefer the physical version, well, you can save your precious space and still enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Earlier this month we noted that the game will be sold at full price for $60, and while that may turn off those who bought it on the Wii U for, say, $20, keep in mind that it'll have better functionality on the Switch, along with the use of Funky Kong and, well, who knows what other secrets it'll harbor? If you're a Donkey Kong fan, it's looking like a must-have. We'll certainly let you know in our final review.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will arrive on Nintendo Switch starting May 4. You can also pick it up for the Wii U right now.