DOOM Eternal's Toughest Enemy Will Show Up "A Lot" in The Ancient Gods DLC

DOOM Eternal has no shortage of tough enemies made even more challenging by the game’s hardest difficulties, but the Marauder stands out among the rest as a particularly daunting foe. It proved to be a roadblock for many DOOM Eternal players in the base game, and in the first full trailer for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One, it was confirmed we’d see not just one of them but two at once at some point in the DLC. DOOM Eternal players should get used to seeing those enemies if they get the DLC seeing how game director Hugo Martin said there are “a lot” of Marauders in The Ancient Gods, Part One.

Martin spoke to PCGamesN around the time of the reveal of The Ancient Gods, Part One to share more insights into the DLC. With how prominently the axe-wielding, dog-summoning Marauders were featured at the end of the trailer, it begged the question of how much of the Marauders we’d see in the DLC. Martin simply said “there's a lot” when asked how many of them players would encounter.

Players will at least have plenty of tools at their disposal when facing the Marauders though. On top of whatever new features and abilities that are planned for The Ancient Gods, Part One, players will have access to their full arsenals right away in the DLC with everything unlocked.

Martin highlighted one specific encounter where you’ll face two Marauders at once which we’d assume is the one previewed in the trailer above. He said the team is proud of the Marauder and the balance that’s been achieved in these fights and explained how the battles have been adjusted to be better experiences for players while still being challenging.


“We’re proud of the Marauder – we feel like he tests your knowledge of all the combat systems, but there’s a balance there,” Martin said. “I playtested it yesterday, and gave some notes that you have to have fodder in with the Marauders, so the player has a way to replenish ammo and stuff. But the types of fodder that you have in that fight can really increase the challenge of it. There were a bunch of Gargoyles and Imps in that encounter with the two Marauders, and that was frustrating. It was too many. Like, I need zombies. If I’m going to deal with two Marauders, I need the fodders to be relatively chill, because that’s already enough. There’s summoning two dogs, two wolves so it’s a little bit crazy. We’re always looking to ride that edge of fun and fair and challenging.”

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One will release for all supported platforms on October 10th.