Double Dragon Pummeling Its Way To Nintendo Switch Next Week

Double Dragon Arcade

This week was a pretty big one for the Nintendo Switch when it came to new releases, as over a dozen games came out just in time for the holidays. But if you think the Switch is taking it easy on releases the rest of the year, you’re wrong.

It was confirmed today that the latest title in Hamster’s Arcade Archives series has been announced, and it’s none other than the classic Taito beat-em-up Double Dragon! The game will be a perfect recreation of the classic coin-op, in which Billy and Jimmy Lee take on a group of street thugs, in the hopes of saving the beloved Marian.

Though we’ve seen a number of Arcade Archives titles come out for the Switch in the past, this is the first one in Taito’s library for the system, and hopefully, that means we’ll be seeing future games from the company coming down the line, including Elevator Action, The Legend of Kage and Bubble Bobble, all of which have previously been released for the PlayStation 4.

This doesn’t mark the first Double Dragon title to come to the Switch, though. Earlier this year, Aksys Games released Double Dragon IV for the system, bringing some 8-bit thrills to the massive with co-op supported action. This is the original game, however, and will also have two-player support, just like the arcade classic.

There’s no word yet on price, but Double Dragon is expected to sell for around $7.99. The game will make its debut on the Switch starting December 28th – just in time to blow some of that post-Christmas money. Dibs on the baseball bat!