Dr Disrespect Says "We Need" Games Like Bungie's Marathon

Dr Disrespect seems very thrilled by Bungie's newly announced game, Marathon. Bungie is well-known as one of the best developers out there. They're responsible for largely carrying Xbox on its back when it first launched as it was the killer app for the console on day one. Of course, Xbox has managed to define itself beyond Halo since then, but it is still a pivotal piece of the company. Bungie went on to make some of the most acclaimed FPS games with a handful of other Halo games on Xbox and Xbox 360, but opted to leave the franchise behind to pursue its ambitious then-new IP, Destiny. Flash forward about 13 years later and it seems things have gone over pretty well. Bungie is now owned by PlayStation, but is still planning to release all of its games on Xbox and PC.

During the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie announced it was making Marathon, which is a reboot of a series that the developer worked on prior to Halo. Now, Bungie is bringing it back as a PvP extraction shooter and this pleases Dr Disrespect, one of the leading faces when it comes to creating content around online shooters. He noted that the industry needs large scale multiplayer games at a AAA level and admired the confidence in Bungie to already be selling merch for the game, despite deeming it as a bit cocky. In response to being asked if the gaming industry is saved, the Doc noted there are some "big opportunities". 

As of right now, it seems like Marathon is in early development, so we'll have to see how it turns out. It could be a total bomb, but it is hyping a lot of people up and Bungie rarely misses. Dr Disrespect is also working on his own extraction shooter named Deadrop, it has been progressing steadily over the last year and a half with fans getting a chance to provide feedback on early builds of the game.

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[H/T Dexerto]