Dr Disrespect Says "No One Cares" About "Corny" Fortnite Anymore Except "Brainless Kids"

Dr Disrespect is not a big fan of Fortnite. However, the game's massive popularity means that the popular streamer often finds himself playing the free-to-play battle royale game on PC. Every time this happen, the Doc has a terrible experience. And his latest go with the game was no exception. Within one game, the streamer was enraged with the title, claiming that "no one cares" about the "corny" game anymore except "brainless kids," which is something he's echoed in the past.

In case you aren't a fan or missed his stream last night, the Two-Time jumped into some Fortnite. And after the first game he was irate with the title, which prompted him to claim it's the "corniest game in the history of video games."

So, what happened? Well, towards the end of his first round with the game he came out second in a dicey encounter that he thought he should've won. The encounter began with the streamer blasting the player with a rocket, but it looks like structure absorbed the rocket blast. Then the Two-Time got two shotty blasts on his opponent, but they were a little far away for the quality of shotty, so they didn't deal out much damage, resulting im the streamer being melted before he could get a third shot off.

As you would expect, Dr Disrespect was quite angry, and naturally this rage transformed into one of his iconic tirades about Fortnite and Epic Games.


"It's corny," said the streamer. "This game is the corniest game in the history of video games -- right here. No wonder it's dying. The only people playing this game are brainless kids. F*****g nobody cares about the World Cup anymore. Nobody. Hey, Epic, nobody cares about your game anymore. I know you're trying to bring Star Wars in, and you think that's cool -- nobody cares man. It's all phony, over-hyped. It's all fake. F*****g game sucks man. I hate this game."

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