Dr Disrespect Destroys the Competition as Himself in NBA 2K23

Dr Disrespect has taken to NBA 2K23 to dominate the competition... but he's not playing as an NBA star or even just a more general custom MyPlayer, he's playing as himself. Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest content creators out there, not just because he has enjoyable streams on their own merit, but because he has carefully molded a very iconic character. Of course, sometimes he has gotten too deep into character and gotten himself into trouble. He was notoriously suspended from Twitch for filming in the bathrooms at E3 2019 and been a point of controversy in the gaming industry. He was eventually permanently banned from Twitch, though the reason was never officially given. Now, Doc streams on YouTube where he's probably even more successful.

As you may already know, Dr Disrespect is all over the place in NBA 2K23. Players can earn his signature sunglasses, mullet, headphones, and vest through the game's season pass and he's even an NPC within the game. Dr Disrespect joined NBA 2K23 as part of his sponsorship with Mountain Dew, a company that is featured in the game through challenges, courts, and more. To celebrate the occasion and the launch of NBA 2K23, Dr Disrespect played as himself and dominated the competition. During his playtime, he noted that he motion captured things like his own jump shot, allowing for a special kind of flair to his in-game performance. You can get a taste of the Doc in action down below.

In addition to his YouTube career, Dr Disrespect is also working on a new FPS called Deadrop with industry veterans. Ex-Call of Duty community manager Robert Bowling and others with FPS experience are helping Doc bring this new Call of Duty competitor to life. As of right now, the game isn't leaving many FPS fans too impressed, but it is still in the early stages in development and utilizing fan feedback to improve the game.

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