Dr Disrespect Destroys TimTheTatman Over Tesla Cybertruck and "Ok Boomer" Comment

This week, Tesla revealed its newest vehicle, the Cybertruck, which takes the design and utility of a truck and gives it the performance of a sports car. Depending on who you ask, the vehicle looks straight from the future or straight from the past. More specifically, while the vehicle boasts a unique and futuristic design, it also, according to the Internet, looks like something straight out of a N64 or PS1 game. In short, the Internet is divided on Elon Musk's newest creation. There's no in-between either. People are either throwing their money at the screen or hate it with a deep passion. Dr Disrespect, one of the most popular streamers and Internet entertainers in the world, falls into the latter camp. In fact, according to the Two-Time, it's the worst vehicle ever.

Of course, the combination of the negative/hyperbolic take and Doc's age was enough to make the Internet do what it does best: spam "ok boomer." Included in this wave of ok boomer-ing was fellow mega streamer, TimTheTatman.


Dr Disrespect wasn't a fan of the "ok boomer" comments, and used the opportunity to unleash on TimTheTatman. As you may know, TimTheTatman plays Fortnite and wears pink shorts: the two things Dr Disrespect hates more than even campers. Of course, the king of Twitch also used the opportunity to take a jab at Mixer.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the new truck. Would I ever drive one down a road so everyone can stare at me until I'm uncomfortable? No chance, but I think it looks pretty cool. Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Is Dr Disrespect right? Is the new Cybertruck ugly or is Tesla onto something with it?

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