Twitch Change May Reveal Why Dr Disrespect Was Banned

A new Twitch change may -- finally -- reveal why the Amazon-owned company permanently banned Dr [...]

A new Twitch change may -- finally -- reveal why the Amazon-owned company permanently banned Dr Disrespect, one of the world's most popular streamers who, only a few months prior, it awarded a massive contract to tie the streamer down to its platform. These days, Dr Disrspect is on YouTube roasting fans that make small donations and he's still one of the most popular streamers in the world. However, while it's been almost a year since Twitch banned the streamer from its platform, we still don't know why. So far, neither party has divulged any information on the situation, but this could change soon.

Recently, Twitch bolstered its platform with a "Brand Safety Score" that automatically grades every streamer and how brand-friendly they are based on a variety of things like ban history and chat behavior. These changes are apparently to provide advertisers with more data so they don't advertise alongside problematic streamers.

That said, because this is user data, it's plausible that because of GDRP and CCPA, those in the EU, California, and more could request access to this information. In short, Dr Disrespect may be able to inquire about the information and figure out why he was banned, assuming it's true that he genuinely doesn't know why the platform gave him the boot.

For now, take all of this information with a grain of salt given that it's laced with info of the unofficial and speculative variety. That said, if the implications of these changes are as they appear, the Internet may finally get its answer to one of 2020's biggest questions.

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