Amazon PS5 Restock Reportedly Coming Soon

Amazon's next PS5 restock is reportedly coming soon. It's been a minute since Amazon has dropped PS5 stock. So far this week, Target, GameStop, Costco, Ant Online, and more have stepped up to the plate with new stock of the PS5. And as you would expect, many of these restocks haven't gone down very well. Some -- like the Target restock -- have been weighed down by site glitches and cart issues. Meanwhile, others -- like GameStop -- have limited their stock to pricey bundles. That said, when it comes to restocks, Amazon is -- usually -- reliable. Compared to other retailers, it releases stock less frequently, which means larger restocks, or in other words, more opportunity to cop the console. However, Amazon usually brings more traffic than other retailers, which can lead to server issues.

For now, Amazon hasn't relayed word of its next PS5 restock, but a new report has. According to Jake Randall and Spiel Times -- two sources that have relayed word of various PS5 drops before they've happened -- a new Amazon drop is happening "soon." Unfortunately, it's unclear how soon the restock will happen, but you'd assume "soon" refers to sometime this week. That said, for now, this is just an assumption.

Like many others, Amazon has released stock with little to no warning in the past, which means you should be ready to order from the retailer once the notification comes in. Again, will a notification come this week? Well, there's no guarantee, but the pair above have provided a warning to their followers that Amazon may be preparing to release new stock any day now.


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