Dr Disrespect Roasts Fan on Stream Over Small Donation

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect demonstrated why you should never make a small donation to him on YouTube. Last year, Twitch banned the Two-Time, but that hasn't stopped the Doc from streaming. While a Twitch ban is a death sentence for many streamers, it hasn't been for Dr Disrespect, who continues to be one of the world's most popular streamers over on YouTube. As you would expect, he still pulls many viewers, which means he pulls many donations.

Of course, any fan of Dr Disrespect understands that they are always a moment away from being roasted. And it was a classic Dr Disrespect roast that one viewer recently got after they donated 99 cents. Dr Disrespect as a person was almost certainly grateful for the donation, but naturally, Dr Disrespect as a character, seized the opportunity to bring some humor to the stream.

"Thank you for the 99 cents," said the streamer. "Do me a favor and go buy some cream for your coffee next time. Just save your 99 cents.”

Dr Disrespect didn't follow up the zinger nor did he show any indication that it was a joke, but it's safe to assume that's exactly what it was, as Dr Disrespect has roasted streamers in the past that complain about small donations.


These days, Dr Disrespect is streaming quite regularly over on YouTube, playing a mixture of Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant. And judging by the views he's getting on each stream, he's still doing very, very well for himself, or at least well enough that he doesn't need 99 cent donations.

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