This 'Dragon Age 4' Theory Suggests Solas Wanted to be Corrupted

BioWare made the entire Dragon Age fandom's head explode when they finally revealed their first [...]

BioWare made the entire Dragon Age fandom's head explode when they finally revealed their first teaser for Dragon Age 4 and already the fan theories are going wild! We talked a little bit earlier today about the Dragon Age II red lyrium idol connection, but now that we are in full obsessive mode - we think it might actually imply something much darker.

Dragon Age Inquisition Spoilers Ahead

For those that played Dragon Age Inquisition, Solas was an Elven companion that seemed wise beyond his years. Turns out, he was because he was the "Dread Wolf" from Elven lore. His full confession comes at the very end of the final DLC in Trespasser and left fans everywhere feeling their Inquisitor's betrayal.

By his own word, Solas had a master plan to restore what was lost of the Elven empire after he closed off the "old gods" and locked them into a separate reality in the Fade. Doing so stripped his people of their magic, damning them to mortality, and so he sought to fix his error.

He seemed genuinely regretful when confessing his past mistakes in the game, but now it looks like he might have had a much more sinister plot all along. Hear me out.

The red lyrium idol is obvious, and you can see our comparisons here, but the mural seen in the teaser trailer above seems to hide even more than we initially thought.

In Inquisition, Solas' space was covered in a hand-painted mural by him. Unknowing to the Inquisitor at the time, he was hiding his secret in plain sight - the story of the Dread Wolf. In a similar art style, the teaser trailer shows a similar mural - though drenched in red in tune with the red lyrium seen.

At the end of Trespasser, a transference of power could be seen between Solas and another old god, Mythal. For those that had him as a companion during the mage recruitment mission in the third game, we also got a glimpse of what he looked like infected with the sinister lyrium - eyes red, voice cracked - just like his voice and the mural's depiction seen in the trailer.

Exhibit A - this is his mural of the Dread Wolf during the main game itself in Inquisition:


And this was his tarot card - done in the same style - with himself as the Wolf with the same red eyes and feral:


The tarot cards in the game for each game changed over time depending on the choices made. Loyalty inspired love or loss and every major event affected that character's card. With the above tarot being the final card for Solas before that shocking plot twist, this seems to hint that perhaps Solas' intentions from the very beginning was to infect himself.

The implications? This opens up an entire new world of possibilities for what's to come. Could Solas' quest for restoration lead to another blight? Will the old gods return for retribution? Will we be able to stop him before he can tear down the veil?

... We'll have to wait and find out.

There are so many possibilities here! Let's hear your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

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