Dragon Age Franchise Massively Discounted On Steam

Steam is running a fantastic sale on the Dragon Age franchise to help you prepare for The Veilguard.

While Dragon Age fans don't have an exact release date for what can officially be considered the highly anticipated next entry to the franchise, BioWare has provided a Fall 2024 release window for Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The team of developers that created the upcoming game at BioWare are aware that ten years have passed since Dragon Age: Inquisition's release meaning the events aren't exactly fresh in its prospective player's minds, and have therefore crafted the beginning of The Veilguard with this in mind. 

While BioWare has ensured that you don't need to go back and play (or replay the other three games in the franchise to comprehend what's unfolding in The Veilguard, there are undoubtedly plenty of people who will want a refresher on what's happened in this lore rich franchise up to now. If you're looking to play one or more of the Dragon Age games ahead of The Veilguard and you play on PC, Steam is offering an incredible deal on each of the three predecessors which will allow you to secure the entire franchise for about $10 USD. 

The Dragon Age Franchise Sale on Steam

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

  • Discounted 90%, $2.99 USD sale price
  • Includes Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening DLC, and all nine content packs.
  • Explore a stunning world, make complex moral choices, and engage in bone-crushing combat against massive and terrifying creatures. The Ultimate Edition includes Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening and all nine content packs.

Dragon Age 2: Ultimate Edition

  • Discounted 90%, $2.99 USD sale price
  • You are Hawke, a refugee seeking to escape the darkspawn-plagued land of Ferelden and become Champion of Kirkwall. Rise to power and fight epic battles while making decisions that determine the course of civilization.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition

  • Discounted 90%, $3.99 USD sale price
  • Includes the critically acclaimed game, all three official add-ons – Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser – and more.
  • A cataclysmic event plunges the land of Thedas into turmoil. Dragons darken the sky, casting a shadow over lands on the brink of chaos. Mages break into all-out war against the oppressive templars. Nations rise against one another. It falls to you and your allies to restore order as you lead the Inquisition and hunt down the agents of chaos. Explore, lead, and battle: Tough choices define your experience, and even one decision can change the course of what's to come.

The Dragon Age franchise sale is running for about a week, so you can secure this trio of games through June 27th on Steam.