Dragon Age: The Veilguard Developers Further Explain Name Change From Dreadwolf

"The Veilguard" fits the tone of the upcoming Dragon Age game overall as the "focus shifts to the team."

Just days before BioWare unveiled the newest Dragon Age game with a trailer introducing the companion characters and setting the game for a Fall 2024 release window, the studio first announced that the game was changing its name from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf to Dragon Age: The Veilguard. While the initial announcement was joined by an explanation from BioWare general manager Gary McKay explaining that the change was in order to "capture what this game is all about," it was still met by some trepidation by those who were intrigued by the previous name. Thanks to the Dragon Age cover issue from Game Informer which revealed many additional gameplay aspects, story details, character traits, and more, we also have some new insights into the name change as well.

"These games are reflections of the teams that make them, and as part of that, it means we learn a lot about what the heart and soul of the game really is as we're developing it," Dragon Age: The Veilguard game director Corinne Busche shared with Game Informer. "We quickly learned and realized that the absolute beating heart of this game is these authentic, diverse companions. And when we took a step back, as we always do, we always check our decisions and make sure they still represent the game we're trying to build."

Overall the name from Dreadwolf to The Veilguard represents the developers at BioWare's appreciation and enthusiasm for the companion characters they've crafted for this particular game, as well as their enthusiasm toward the protagonist, the player character Rook. Regarding the name change, creative director John Epler explained to Game Informer that as BioWare was "building this game, it became really clear that it was less that we were trying to make The Veilguard and more like The Veilguard was taking shape as we built the game. Solas is still a central figure in it. He's still a significant character. But really, the focus shifts to the team. [We] realized Dreadwolf suggests a title focused on a specific individual, whereas The Veilguard, much like Inquisition, focuses more on the team."

Now that we're a couple of weeks out from the change, have you warmed up to The Veilguard over Dreadwolf yet, or was it never an issue for you to begin with? Chat with me about all things Dragon Age as we wait for the game's release on socials @amazingspidrhan