Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Shows First Look at Android 21 Gameplay

Android 21 was recently confirmed to be a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but many of [...]

Android 21 was recently confirmed to be a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but many of the Majin Android's abilities were unknown until new gameplay footage was released.

The video above comes from Bandai Namco and shows off one of the first looks at Android 21's moveset that includes various Ki blasts and some Majin-specific moves. Android 21 appears to have a fairly decent reach thanks to her long tail that can reach far outwards or go underground and also has some dramatic supers and other attacks fitting for a brand new character in the Dragon Ball universe.

But one of the more interesting moves that the new fighter has is her ability to steal her opponents' moves. The move is shown here in Bandai Namco's character trailer where she grabs Android 16 midair with a move that resembles the Energy Blade attack that many other fighters can utilize. While this trailer shows the move in question, the lack of UI means that you don't get to see exactly what the move's doing, but Game Informer's gameplay video reveals that this actually lets her copy an enemy's move. Android 21 has a UI that's exclusive to her character that shows up above her resource bar with four different boxes representing the moves she's stolen. Her attack-stealing ability can be used in the air and in other situations as well to continue stealing moves.

Outside of that move, she's also able to easily send opponents flying with her Majin tail. She can use it much like Kid Buu uses his foot to go underground and strike enemies from below, a move that's shown in greater detail in Game Informer's video. From gameplay of other characters revealed during the beta phase, sending opponents flying is an easy way to chain into combos and finish with supers, so that move alone will make Android 21 a threat on any team. Her most powerful attack is also perfect for a Majin character, a three-bar attack that turns her opponent into a pastry followed by a quick chomp.

Android 21 will be a playable fighter and will also be a core character in the game's story mode when Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on Jan. 26.