First Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Characters Include Broly and Bardock

Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly Bardock
(Photo: Shonen Gamez)

Two of the DLC characters to be released for Dragon Ball FighterZ will go a bit further back into the Saiyan race's history with Broly and Bardock being the first fighters to join the roster.

A first look at the newest issues of V-Jump magazine came from Shonen Gamez which revealed the screenshots of the DLC characters. No additional information regarding abilities or transformations was provided since the issue hasn't been fully translated yet, but the images alone are more than enough to get FighterZ players hyped for two of the most memorable Saiyans apart from Goku and Vegeta.

Like other Dragon Ball characters, both fighters also have their histories intertwined with Goku's, one more so than the other. Bardock, the father of both Goku and Raditz, possesses a similar appearance to other Saiyans with jet black, unkempt hair and the Saiyan armor that was worn by him and other members of the Frieza Force while also having a noticeable scar on his cheek. He has an array of attacks that he uses such as the Final Revenger and Full Power Energy Wave, many of which will likely make their way into FighterZ. He's also shown in both his normal and Super Saiyan form in the screenshots, though it's unclear if his transformation will be an in-game ability like Golden Frieza or if it'll work differently.

And then there's Broly, one of the Legendary Super Saiyans who gave Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the crew an immense amount of problems in his standalone movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. Just as his title suggests, this fighter boasts an insane amount of power. Those keeping up with Dragon Ball Super who remember will recall Kale's "Berserker" transformation that's comparable to Broly's Saiyan form, though Broly is a much more menacing opponent due to his control over the form. He uses several green energy attacks, also like Kale's one of which that's sure to be included in FighterZ is Eraser Cannon.


The release dates for the two DLC characters along with their prices haven't been revealed yet, but anyone who purchased the game's season pass should immediately have access once they're released.