Dragon Ball FighterZ Video Reveals Brutal Fused Zamasu Finishers

A new Dragon Ball FighterZ video shows off all of Fused Zamasu’s Dramatic Finishers just before [...]

A new Dragon Ball FighterZ video shows off all of Fused Zamasu's Dramatic Finishers just before his and Vegito Blue's upcoming released.

The video that comes from YouTuber DBZanto Z shows that Fused Zamasu has a total of two finishers, one when fighting against Vegito Blue and one when doing combat with Future Trunks. Unfortunately for up-and-coming Fused Zamasu mains, it doesn't appear as though the new character actually has a Dramatic Finisher for when he wins. All he can do is get beaten to trigger his finishing cutscenes, so you'll have to take the loss if you want to see the finishers play out in an actual game.

The first finisher that's shown is the one that occurs when Fused Zamasu is beaten by SSGSS Vegito, the other new DLC fighter who's releasing tomorrow alongside Fused Zamasu. Recreating one of the best moments from the fight between the two that occurred in the Dragon Ball Super anime, Fused Zamasu launches into one of his monologues before Vegito sucker punches him across the face and sends him into a rage. Just after that punch and a bit more banter between the two fusion fighters, Vegito unleashes a massive Final Kamehameha, the ability that wraps Goku's Kamehameha and Vegeta's Final Flash into one devastating attack. In true Dragon Ball fashion, Fused Zamasu becomes elongated in the flash of light and is then disintegrated by the energy attack. It ends with Vegito's trademark cockiness telling Zamasu to "get serious already."

Fused Zamasu's second losing finisher deals with another of his opponents, Future Trunks. If you watched Dragon Ball Super and witnessed that clash between the two, you'll already know how this one's going to end. Both fighters face off in a sword battle with Fused Zamasu using his Violent Fierce God Slicer energy blade and Future Trunks using his Light Sword that soon turns into the Sword of Hope. Gathering energy from the world, Future Trunks powers up his blade before driving it through Fused Zamasu. After some brief dialogue, he tears his sword upward to split Fused Zamasu in half with a column of energy exploding upward.

Fused Zamasu and SSGSS Vegito will be available tomorrow in Dragon Ball FighterZ.